Strong metal expertise in Southern Savonia with 35 years

It all started 35 years ago, after attending the line of a welder at the vocational school, I founded Sulkavan Steel Work with a friend. In the early years, we subcontracted to Kovil Oy, which manufactures car towbars. At best, we made up to 800 hooks a week. Hook manufacturing became more robotic and our expertise was transferred to various subcontracting, custom and workshop products.

Today, Sulkavan Terästyö's operations consist of a wide range of products and services, such as the manufacture of steel structures and metal products, welding, maintenance and sheet metal work, and surface treatment. The company's most significant customer group consists of South Savo's industry and municipal units. Customer satisfaction and 100% delivery reliability are the foundation of our operations.

Whether your need is small or large we serve!

Arto Sallinen 

Tielaitoksen uuden hallin luovutus vuonna 1987